Thursday, 7 April 2011

My God will supply all my needs ......

Well a lot has happened since my last post.
The hospital gave me a call and I have an op date - 18 April.
Overall that works out well as we can have a good time with the girls in the holidays and then when they go back - I go and have the chop!!!!

I still am not sure what I am doing with that - initially I was only offered a mastectomy as treatment of choice but as B asked a few more questions the last surgeon we saw said he could try a partial mastectomy but I would lose a minimum of a third and then there was no guarantee that the surrounding tissue taken with the lumps would have a clear margin ( cancer free) and if this was the case I would have to go back in again and have the full op in any case.!!!
Unfortunately he didn't give me a definitive answer as which direction would be best -he did start the conversation by saying what you should be asking  is why not mastectomy !!!
Yet said he could also do the other - so I left a little in a muddle!!
Each option will give the same result combined with the chemo and radiation !
But clearly if tissue remains behind that could possibly present a problem later!
So lots to ponder - am praying for wisdom - I have until next Tuesday to decide - then I have to sign the consent form!!!

So now I have time to get things organised !!
A dear friend gave me the number of a lady to help with cleaning etc as I won't be up to much for a couple of weeks!!
What a delightful conversation we had - such a cheerful bubbly lady - I told her my situation and I think I have just met Mary Poppins!!!
There is nothing she can't do !!!!!! Was so willing to help me with all - even offered to cheer me up with singing whilst she worked.
We had a giggle xxxxx
God is certainly interested in the details of our needs and I have been presented with a lady I have never met who is so willing to help us meet them!!

Our home is a flurry of pink and the smell of baking at the moment. The girls are going to stay at a friends tonight and are going shortly to start a Barbie-thon. They are attempting to watch all the barbie movies ever made - what a laugh - my eldest daughter worked out that this would take over 24 hours of non stop movie watching - so I have warned my friend in advance!
They are baking cupcakes that will be iced with pink icing, they have made pink chocolates , pink biscuits and have numerous other pink edible items ready to go.
They are so excited - they are even wearing pink clothes - what fun!!!
So wonderful that they can have something to look forward to !!!!

So the count-down has begun !!!!
10 days until the real journey gets going .............

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