Friday, 22 April 2011

Home sweet home!!!

So I was waiting with eager anticipation for the surgeons to do their rounds and give me my exit ticket!!
And they did - I was allowed to go if I felt up to it and would return next week for a follow-up on the wound and to talk about results.

I felt a relief to be going home and although I didn't particularily know why I felt quite teary that morning!
When B came to pick me up it was great just to have a hug and we gathered all my bits and pieces, cards and flowers and headed for the car!
I still felt a bit out of it and was looking forward to relaxing at home.
The breast care nurse had not come to see me before my discharge and my darling husband was concerned that I was being sent away without my new bra?prosthesis etc so he called her from the car and made an appointment for me to see her the next morning!!!
I felt a wonderful sense of relief as we arrived at the farm gate - we were home!

I have to again sing the praises of my man - he had a most beautiful card waiting for me when I got in - and tenderly got me settled back home!
We have had all sorts of stress earlier in the year related to B's work and our visa etc and yet despite all that he has really been a pillar of strength to me! I am very blessed !
B had to go to work from lunchtime so I had called on another dear friend to stay with me. She too was greeted with a few tears - it was just great to see her also!
I was pretty exhausted through the lack of sleep the night before and I guess my tear ducts needed a work out!!

We just hung out together talking and not talking as I slothed on the sofa! I do not take for granted the incredible people in my life! Friends who are happy to see you at your worst, to just be with you just because, to organise a number of weeks meals and delivery without your knowledge, to think about things you haven't , it goes on and on.........
To friends near and far who are praying, encouraging and doing bits to help me on this road - I truely thank you .

Time passed quickly up to school pickup - my friend went to pick up her kiddies as awaited mine to return with another friend.
It was a happy reunion with the girls they were just glad to have me back with them - although they have been handling things well under the circumstances - it was really tough for them having me in hospital!
I could see the change in their faces - they gave me a big hug and then went off to play with my friends daughter - so that was great.
My friend stayed with me for a while and we just relaxed until B was due to come home!!

That night we had a wonderful meal that had been prepared and delivered earlier in the day . What a treat not to have to worry about cooking!!!
It was early to bed for me - and my bed had never felt so good.

Home sweet home ...... oh yes !!!!!!

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