Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fun on the farm - hmm!!!!

Well the days are ticking by - B thought I should brave an outing this am so we went to our local coffee shop for brekkie!!

I had my puffball from the breast nurse - the bra unfortunately wasn't the right size so I had to wait for that - but my amazing husband didn't want me to be uncomfortable  if I went out so when he picked the girls from school on Thursday - they went bra shopping - he came home with a perfect substitute to tide me over - what a man!!!!
So out we went - I was balanced at least - amazing you just don't know what is hiding underneath peoples clothing !!!!
We had a lovely brekkie and bumped into a number of people we knew - all doing last minute easter egg buying no doubt!!
It was good to get out but I have to say I was absolutely shattered after and was so glad to get home.
The rest of the day I spent lying around recovering from my expedition!!
Think it might be a few more days until my next one!!

We have been having glorious weather these last few days - so B decided yesterday to take advantage of it and tackle the long grass in the front paddocks with the tractor and the slasher!!
There is something soothing about hearing the rhythm of the tractor mowing amongst the birdsong!!
Yesterday I just lay low resting at home and was listening to the mowing while resting!!
For every wife of a man with a tractor - when the engine sound stops and no husband and tractor returns home - our hearts stop a little also!!
I had a horrible feeling something was amiss - so I got up and went outside to see if I could see B.
I called him - no answer - so I thought I had no option but to walk slow and steady down our long dirt drive to find him.
It is a bit of a walk to the gate and I have to say I was feeling quite worried when I didn't see him and he wasn't replying!!

Well the angels must have been busy that day as almost at the entrance there was the tractor almost vertical down a very steep bank!!
The grass was very long at the entrance and the ground was quite muddy with the rain so the tractor and slasher had slipped down the bank backwards.
It could so easily have jackknifed on itself and the story would have been different!
Thankfully B was unhurt and when I called he and a neighbour appeared from the back! Our neighbour across the way had seen the accident happen and run over and scaled the fence to check on B.
What a relief - if I could post a photo you would know what I mean!
It was all a bit of a shock - well we certainly could do with a bit more drama!!!!!
Anyway all was fine in the end - our neighbour amazingly managed to pull the tractor out with his truck after he and B removed the slasher!

Not long after we sat outside sipping a cold drink - thankful that we were indeed sitting there together!
Well we are certainly appreciating our days to the full - how easily things can change.
These days are certainly pushing what is truely of value to the fore.
Hold on to those you love with both hands, make the most of every moment , our lives are in the hear and now.
Dont yearn too much for what is to come as great as that may be - yearn to make the best of what is ......

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