Thursday, 21 April 2011

The deed is done !!!!!

Well I am home - 3 days post mastectomy and I am attempting to type !!!! I shall attempt to fill in the gaps piece by piece!

The sun is shining today and it is great to be home !! Absolutely nothing like being in your own bed.....

So Monday was the day - after a pretty restless nights sleep B and I headed to the hospital after dropping of the girls. C was still happy to go to school but A didn't think she could do it, so she spent the day with some lovely friends!!
Well it was a grey and rainy day on Monday - the signing in for surgery was a trail from room to room filing in info etc as we went. Finally we ended in a waiting room outside the operating theatres - after a kiss goodbye I was taken by a nurse in scrubs to get changed. my clothes were put in a bag and along with my bits I had brought in put on the luggage trolley to go to the ward! How I wished I was at the airport instead!!

After a few more questions and blood pressure etc - I had my very stylish embolism socks put on and was led into yet another waiting room where a number of equally glamourous people in theatre gowns sat watching the telly!
I was given a warmed blanket to snuggle under to comfort me as I waited for my name to be called!
The lady sitting next to me asked me if I was going for a colonoscopy too ? I said I wish I was and told her what lay ahead!
Amazingly it turned out she had just finished her 5 year treatment for breast cancer - was now working as a liason officer for a local support group and invited me to join them for a kayaking outing in a few months where a sea of pink ladies would be celebrating surviving breast cancer!!
She was really lovely and again how amazing that she should be sitting in the pre-op area waiting with me before my mastectomy!!

Not long after that the anaethatist came in to see me  - he was really lovely and we had a bit of a laugh as I told him of my epidural that had numbed my top cheeks instead of the bottom ones and my spinal that also did a few weird things so when he offered me this fancy new injection in the back for chronic pain - I gracefully declined considering my track record!!
Shortly after seeing him I was called for the main performance - with in no time I was put to sleep in a little room directly outside the operating theatre I was going into , and the next thing I knew I had woken up in recovery!!

The deed had been done ..........

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