Saturday, 16 July 2011

Rain, rain, rain ...........

Well it is Saturday morning here and it is still raining!!!
In fact it hadn't stopped since yesterday - I see another day of snuggling under the blankets with my lovely family and watching dvds and playing board games ahead!!!

Yesterday I had Miss A home with me - it was the 2nd day of sports at her school and she hadn't been feeling too great .
She wasn't in anything that day so a day at home seemed the best!
We relaxed together and watched a movie in my bed on my trusty laptop - lovely girlie time - she said we should do this at least once a month hehe!!
Before long it was time to pick up Miss C - I am trying to do the pickups on days I can manage just to try and bring back a bit of normality !! Whats that ? I have forgotten !!!
Anyway poor C had been injured during the day by a rogue soccer ball - my heart goes out to her as school is a bit of a struggle at the moment!!
On the way home we stopped at the village to get a dvd and collect something from the post - office.
Thought it might cheer c up!
We picked up some hot chips from the cafe next to the dvd shop - when we were paying Miss C asked the lady behind the counter. 'Excuse me How do you have good days?"
At first the lady looked a bit taken aback and then on looking at me standing in scarf and cap broke into a big smile and said ' I just keep smiling and it helps me lots.'
Oh my heart - how i wish I could take all the worry away for the girls!

We headed home laden with hot chips, dvds and lollys! The scene was set for a lovely afternoon. The movie proved a great hit and there was lots of laughter all the way through.
I had been feeling pretty good through the day but had noticed a bit of redness appearing on my palms.
I know this can happen so thought I should just watch it.
A meal was being provided for us that night. The lovely friend who was bringing it had had a baby only 2 months ago and here she was driving up to us  to bring us dinner. What an amazingly generous heart!
It was dark already when she arrived - a delicious soup and homemade savoury muffins was the order of the day.
We shared a cuppa and I had a lovely cuddle with her gorgeous baby and she headed back home!
The redness in my hands had progressed and was quite painful and itchy.
I had also come out in itchy welt type lumps on the back of my legs.
The weeedkiller was on a roll!!
Within an hour I was feeling quite peculiar - tingling around my mouth , increased pain in my hands etc.
I had some antihistamine tablets so I took one in the hope that it would do something.
I ended up back in bed - battling the symptoms and the most painful indigestion.
The gift that keeps on giving!!!

Well thankfully I slept pretty well until this morning - I woke dreaming I was trying to climb out of a torrent of water. Thats what happens when you hear the sound of heavy rain all night!!
My hands are still sore and itchy so B may have to get some calamine from the chemist today.
I wonder what other delights will present themselves today on this mystery tour!!!! Hmm we shall just have to wait and see........................


  1. Hi My warrior Princess another day, more symptoms of the medication, really Debs my heart is heavy when I read all the trauma that goes with it, You are braving the storm with amazing courage and strength. Just know you are in my prayers every day may you know the loving arms of Jesus lifting you up and keeping you safe throughout this trying time. love you with all my heart MUM xxxx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Miss C is having a hard time a school. For her to be home with you having family time will help her through it all. You as a person were never short of a smile or a hug to make people feel better about themselves. Stay strong and you'll see it all through, love you my friend x

  3. sorry about your rash , love to A and C . stay strong you are amazing .love Dad