Saturday, 9 July 2011

Be bald , be strong ..

Well it is Day 2 after the chemo and to be honest I am feeling shattered!!

The girls and B have gone out to the shops and I am chillaxing in my bed with my friendly laptop.
Spirits are high in our home today as last night we found out that B passed his exam - yabadabadooo!!!
We could do with some good news.
There was great dancing and merriment here last night - our future here is sealed! What a relief - we can really get rooted down now - there is still the matter of the visa but now hopefully that will just fall into place!!
I have always believed this was to be our forever home and am so glad it will be so!! I can start looking at redoing my kitchen at last!!! hehe x

Yesterday I just relaxed in bed most of the morning before the girls came home from their sleepover - they arrived back happy and tired!!
Although I was feeling a bit wrecked my moulting head had been driving me bananas - hair everywhere and was looking really patchy and horrible. So I texted my hairdresser to see if she could fit me in for a shave!!
Our lovely friend Barbs was dropping off dinner for us and I asked her if I was able to get an appointment if she could take me ! When I mentioned this to the girls on coming home - poor C just burst into tears and clung to me so tightly - this was a big thing for her to face!! Miss A didnt look very happy either but it just had to be done.

Well Barbs arrived - looking as gorgeous as ever and lifted the mood as we waited to hear whether I could go - we just lay on my bed relaxing in the meantime. I was just dozing off when I had the call to say all was good!
My hairdresser is a lovely lady who runs her business from home and she wasn't even working yesterday and just made a plan for me.
I was feeling rather weary but just desperate to get it done - so Barbs loaded us all in and we were off!
The girls were very sombre in the car - so hard for them !!
I was wearing my beany and then before long - the shaver was on and we were away . C even had a go and offered to sweep up all the cuttings.
I reassured her that I wasn't like Samson - where all my strength was in my hair!! Here's hoping not anyway!!!
Lets be honest - it doesnt look great as it isn't all even and smooth as the area were hair has been and gone are different to the others!! But I knew it was the right thing to do. The girls wanted me to put the beany back on - so that was that.
I felt a bit teary on leaving the salon - but really more a sense of relief!!

We headed home once more and I was looking forward to getting back!
It was quite late when we got back and B was already there - the results were to be posted on the internet from 5pm.
It all worked out really well - as the girls were pretty down on coming home after the shaving but once Dad was whooping and booging with joy - the atmosphere changed for the good!
We popped a bottle of bubbly and thankfully Barbs was there as I couldn't have any - so we all cheered and enjoyed the great significance of the moment!!!
This day set the course for the rest to come!!
Home sweet home - the pilgrims really can rest!!

So today I am hoping to regain a bit of strength - will just lie low and enjoy the farm surroundings and gentle winter sun.
There really is so much to look forward  to - and I intend to be there to enjoy it .............

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  1. I share a " tear " with you my darling daughter and I believe you shall come through this stronger , you are my bright star and I know you will shine in God's heaven for ever . :)) I will love and support you always . Your Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO