Sunday, 24 July 2011

Time rolls by .....

Well its over a week since my last blog - the days are rolling on.
This last chemo really did knock the wind out of me and I have just been so tired this last week - so have been taking it easy.
I am so thankful to be on the farm - the weather has been beautiful and it is so good for the soul to be here in the peace and tranquility.

B and the girls went off to a farm show last weekend - sadly I stayed home as my cell count was low and mixing with the throngs of people and animals probably wouldn't have done me any good. Aside from the fact that I seriously wouldn't have been able to walk around for more than half an hour I'm sure.
I was wondering what they would come home with - thankfully it wasn't anything with feathers or 4 legs!!!
In fact they came home with a nutcracker haha - so although we still have to feed that nuts in a way - it won't bleat if its hungry!!!

The week has gone quickly - I have had a few friendly visits which is always lovely - Miss A and Barbs did their weekly trip to the shops for a top up of bits and pieces. Such a blessing for me!!
 I haven't been great company with my tiredness but always nice to see a friendly face.
I have my lovely friend from Melbourne here with me this weekend - what a treat - she wanted to come and give us some TLC and it has been so wonderful having her here with us.
Her hubbie very kindly took a couple of days off work to look after their children so J could fly up to me!!
The girls have just so enjoyed all the extra cuddles and attention - Miss C and J are sitting on the verhanda as I type this - they are having a great time painting.
I am relaxing on my bed.
 J is giving Miss C an art class all of her own - what a treat!!
I don't think they will want her to leave!!

B is out doing farmer bits - making herb planters etc. We bought some shrubs yesterday and B and J planted them as I supervised hehe - there is something wonderful about planting new life in the garden. So lovely to look at and watch grow.
I can hardly believe that this Thursday I am back for another chemo - I am really hoping that this one goes better than the last one .
They are going to give me more drugs before starting this time in a hope that it prevents a reoccurence of the reaction.
Praying hard it works - at least after this one I can be saying only 1 more chemo to go!!
I am afraid that I am already getting a bit tired of wearing headscarves - and it will be many months before I have hair again.
I hadn't been very keen to get a wig before but who knows perhaps I may look into it after all. At least then when you go out - you are not sharing your struggle with all you meet!

So the sun is shining again - I must admit this is a wonderful way to go through winter.

A friend shared this quote which I thought was beautiful

To love and be loved is to feel the sun shining from both sides!!

I hope you feel the sun on you wherever you are too .......


  1. Thinking of you Debs as you go into this week and on Thursday. We all have wigs you can use from our Colour expedition if you want! :) Maybe not the bright purple ones though.....
    Love Treens xxx
    P.S. Your room with a view is STUNNING!! Love the rainbox :)

  2. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday my friend and I hope your day runs smoother.
    Rest up over these new few days and draw all your strength from your surroundings, hope the sun keeps shinning for you, love u x

  3. sending you lots of love Debbie

  4. Well darling daughter , you are doing so well considering what you have had to endure , proud of you . as you say each day brings you closer to the end of this treatment . Try to stay positive and we are thinking of you every day . Our prayers are with you daily . The Lord is always at hand to encourage and life you up . This life in these decaying bodies with all its struggles make us into the people fit for eternity with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ . God bless for now . Hope to see you sooner than later . Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO