Friday, 14 October 2011

Hey , hey, hey its FRIDAY ....

Woohoo its Friday.
The end of the week has taken on a new meaning since starting radiation - I love fridays.
2 days and no radiation !!! Thankfully next week will be my last week - as I said before the staff there are lovely but I will be glad to leave this chapter behind!!!

Well it has been a week of ups and downs - it started in tears and ended in laughter.
At least thats the best way round!!
I found myself quite emotional and teary at the beginning of the week - I think it was just an accumulation of things amidst the ongoing treatment.
I had a coffee with some friends at the start of the week and found myself in tears when I was asked about how I was.
I had been feeling tenderhearted for a day or so before - I thought I could hold myself together to share a cuppa - but no there I was crying in the coffee shop.
I managed to regain my composure but have to be honest I had a good sob when I got back home again !

This whole treatment road has had challenged so many areas of life.
My health , the daily comings and goings of everyday life , relationships , planning for the future etc.
I think that with that and the car accident, poor Gus dying and my mum in hospital -not too mention our ongoing business to stay - it all came bubbling over!
I feel a lot better after clearing my tear ducts - sometimes we just have to let go and let it all out!!
I have been going to radiotherapy by myself this last week or so but mum came with me the day after my tearathon and we went to sit and look at the sea after.
It is so incredibly therapeutic just watching the waves roll in on the sand. It was a glorious day and just so refreshing !!

 This was our view from the bench we were sitting on - not bad !!!!!

So today was a bit of a giggle as the radiotherapy place I go to was having a pinkoktober morning tea to raise funds for a local breast cancer charity.
The staff were all decked out in bright pink and the place was decorated with balloons etc.
All very festive.
Well when I went in the lady technician that called me had bright pink glasses and tshirt and looked great. We had a laugh going in and she was telling me about all the pink dressup bits and pieces that they had at their disposal!!
The other guy was wearing a pink top but heard us chatting about the dreesup bits and pieces and said wait I'll show you what we mean.
I settled myself on the bed and then he returned with a luminescent bright pink curly wig and pink garland around his neck.
Needless to say I burst out laughing - had tears running and of course all this giggling wasn't good when you are supposed to be lying still to have your tattoos and position lined up!!!
I told him it was pretty hard to take him seriously - some lippy and earrings and there we have it Priscilla queen of the desert!!!

So there you are - a fun day today. A rollarcoaster of emotions in a matter of days.
This is a ride with ups and downs for sure - I am holding on tight.....
Carpe Diem ...


  1. Well done Deb's , you have made it through .

    I am very proud of you and count it a privilege to be your Dad . Sorry I was not perfecy when you were young but am trying hard now . love you . Dad XXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOO