Sunday, 2 October 2011

Friday night in emergency - oh la la x

 Well this weekend we had had a few lovely invites for a bit of dinner and socialising !!
( I must just say that Friday started off with a parcel in the post - a  lovely friend had sent me the most exquisite flowers in a box! It made me tear up as I had been feeling quite weary with it all and it was such a timeous surprise and perfect boost for what was to unfold - I said to her that I thought she must have a heavenly connection as something from her always arrives at just the right moment!!)
So back to the story - I had been so looking forward to getting out this weekend as we have all been in a bit of a treatment cave and out of touch - it was to be mums last weekend so a few friends had wanted to say farewell.
I guess by now I really should always just be expecting the unexpected!!
Instead of socialising in friends homes - since friday evening I have been socialising in the hospital!!!!

The other twist to this tale is that I have been the visitor and not the patient this time!!!
Poor mum has been battling with headaches since our accident a few weeks back - I have blogged previously how we had it checked out and she was given the all clear. It seemed to go away a bit but the last few days was coming to the forefront again - without going into all the details - by Friday it was really not lifting. We had been invited to some friends on friday evening and we were on our way there but when we got there mum wasn't too great so as the local hospital was near by we thought best to go and get it checked as it was the start of the weekend!!
Well our adventure began!!
We didn't have to wait too long before being seen - but emergency was very busy - every bay had a patient in it and as soon as one was emptied another person would be wheeled in.
All sorts of drama was unfolding around us - a patient was shouting all sorts of obscenities amongs other things at the top of her voice for quite some time, the patient next to us was vomiting ten to the dozen and shouting too , another was relaying the story of how her partner was attempting to assault her , a young girl came in with a neck brace on - she had been in a car accident and she and her friend soon had the giggles etc etc.
And within all this the amazing ER staff managed to remain pleasant and polite!!!!
Mum was sent for some tests etc and was seen by a Dr who said they wanted to keep her overnight for observation.
We remained in the ER for quite some time - a wonderful nurse got me a chair, pillow and blanket so that I could relax next to mum while we waited to see if we were going upstairs!!
Well it was around  5 hours later that we went up to the ward.

On arrival a lovely nurse settled mum in whilst another made us a cup of tea each and gave mum some sandwiches.
Was a real blessing to be met with such thoughtfulness in the wee small hours of the morning!!
I didn't have my car - so was planning just to stay with mum until the morning as it was too late to get home - I had anticipated a night in a chair or patient lounge.
As it happened mum was put in a 2 bedded room and the ward was unable to accept any further patients that night so the nurse said I could lie on the bed until the morning.
I was so thankful - this turned out to be such a giggle!!
Once the admission was complete it was lights out - well I was on this bed and I really felt like it was moving!! I knew I was tired but didn't think I had lost my mind completely.
Every time I moved the bed readjusted itself underneath me - turns out it is a very fancy pressure mattress to prevent bedsores and the like !!
Well initially I have to say I felt a bit sea sick but soon settled - I didn't get much sleep but a few hours in between. Poor mum slept well which was great!!
I hopped out in the early morning and sat back in the chair!!

So Sat and Sun have been spent with trips to and from the hospital - they will probably do another scan tomorrow - mum is staying in as its the weekend and they have just been keeping her under observations.
We are hoping that after the scans tomorrow - she can come home. They are thinking that this is  an ongoing concussion from the accident and that it should self resolve in a few weeks. We will know for sure after tomorrow.
So as I said - we have socialised but not with the people we thought we would.
Not quite the last weekend we had in mind!!!

I am now in my own bed - feeling shattered !!! I am slightly apprehensive about saying lets see what tomorrow brings!! But I guess i just did.
The girls are back to school after their holidays and I am off to radiotherapy first thing to commence my week of zapping - after that it's anyones guess!!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
At this stage I think I can just about manage doggy paddle................

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  1. Never a dull moment . Praying always . Love Dad