Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It is finished .... bye bye radiation bye bye !!!!!

Well after 5 and half weeks - it is done. Today was my last radiation. yippee !!!!
It is quite amazing to think that 28 treatments have come to an end - it is going to be strange not driving daily for my zapping!!!

I have had a very spoily day. A lovely friend took a days leave to go with me and spend some celebratory time together. Thank you N.
It was such a treat as we haven't had time together for quite some time - well we made up for it today.
Started the day with my usual zapping !! At the radiotherapy place there is a wall covered with colourful handprints and today I found out that those prints are from patients after they complete their radiotherapy!!

Today was my day to make my mark - I had my hand covered with green paint and a photo was taken of me making my print on the wall!
What a wonderful idea !
So I was done - a quick visit into the radiooncologist on my way out and I was done.
I had had some bloods taken last week as I  have been having tenderness over my ribs - thankfully all was good and nothing of concern. Just a reaction to radiotherapy possibly and nothing more sinister so the scene was set for a celebratory day.
So I through my delightful striped gown in the washbin and we were off!!

Our first step was brekkie at a beachside cafe - I just love seeing the sea - the day was a bit overcast but wonderful to see the waves never the less!!
We had a very relaxing time and my friend was given the most enormous muffin I have ever seen - I kid you not I have never seen such a huge muffin. It was the size of the plate it was sitting on.

Next stop was a bit of retail therapy - and then back to the beach for more relaxing and watching the waves!!
Such a wonderful way to spend a day - we headed home in time to pick the girls up from school - we got there a bit early so there was just time for another cuppa at my friends as she lives nearby.
Definitely the way to spend a day - and still I feel pooped!
I had another lovely surprise tonight - we heard a knock at the door and there was a friends husband standing with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the end of my radiotherapy road!! Our farm gate was closed but they had thought it was locked so my friend had stayed in the car while her hubby had walked all the way up our rather long drive to bring us the bubbly. How thoughtful.
Sadly cancer can be a very isolating illness so I felt very spoilt today !

I have my IV herceptin again tomorrow ( still about 6mths of that to go )and then an appt with the oncologist in the next week or so to look at starting tabs to block the oestrogen. Before that I have to go to the dentist and have a thorough checkup as per the oncologists instruction before starting bone strengthening meds that accompany the hormone inhibitors!!
So the rollercoaster continues but some major twists have come to an end!!
I am pleased to report that my hair is beginning to sprout - it is still sparse but present and I am so looking forward to ditching the head gear and going au natural - a bit more growth on the patchy bits and I'll be there.
I can't wait............


  1. My dearest darling daughter I am so proud and pleased with you that by God's wonderful Grace you have stayed strong and seen your way through all this gastley treatment . Great to know your hair is growing again a great sign of life so be blessed as you have now turned an important on your journey to recovery . I shall look forward to having a splash in the warm sea ocean off the Australian coast . Your loving Dad always . XXXXXX OOOOOO

  2. Radiotherapy is really painful. Nice to know you are done with it. My best wishes for you to get well soon.