Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What a day ..........

Well what an eventful day it has been!!!!

I am feeling quite upset at the moment so best I get that off my chest and then get onto the good bits.
I have just returned home from where c does here horseriding - we arrived for her weekly lesson and were told that there was no space for her and that she hadn't been booked in.!!!! I have a friend whose children go there and she had sent me a text so say that c wasn't on the board of names with horses . I only received the text as I parked at the stables!!!
C has been attending lessons regularily for about 8 months now.
Unfortunately last week she didnt go at the last minute as she had been hit by the soccer ball on the head at playtime and a few other things had happened and she was upset after school and didnt want to go with my friend .
She didn't attend pony camp in the holidays - although this is optional and expensive - and I had not been contacted about her lessons being changed or her slot given away.
This time through chemo has been so challenging and I haven't been able to take her - today is the only day I have been able to go and watch as I am at my strongest the day before the next chemo!!
So you can imagine how upsetting it was to arrive today only to be told C had no horse.
Infact what I was actually told was that C hadn't been bothered to come last week and the class was full.
Needless to say I welled up with tears and rather than stand and have words in front of the parents and other riders waiting to start their lesson. I told C to get her bits and we headed back to the car!!
My poor friend was standing at her horse trailer and I just told her briefly the interaction and went to the car - tears streaming down my face. I had to phone her on my way home as I didn't want her to feel I was upset with her!
I was just upset with the whole situation - arriving with no warning that your daughter has lost her riding spot on top of everything else - was just too much!!!
This whole cancer thing is a pain and justs gets in the way of so much!
My beautiful daughter was more worried about me than missing her lesson - giving me a reassuring cuddle and saying it was okay nad at least she and I will have more time together!!
She is such a precious child - and she is absolutely right!!
I fear we will not be going back there for lessons after today!

Well onto more cheerful happenings!!
Up to that point we have had a very special and full day.
It was grandparents day at the school today and beautiful Barbs stood in as our surrogate grandparent!!
One of the most glamourous there I am sure!!
The morning was organised beautiful - with amazing performance from the band and choir, dancers etc and the ever jolly school principal who comperes the whole thing with great fun and jokes.
My folks have been able to go the last few years and each year Mr B asks if there is anyone from overseas and usually my dad is given the mike to say a few words!! Well Dad you were missed this year - Mr B asked if the folk from Ireland were there!! Sadly not this year - maybe next!!

After the celebrations there is an amazing morning tea laid on where grandchildren join their grandparents and then they are able to show them around and even go home earlier!
So barbs the girls and I had a lovely time together!
We sampled the nibblies and then looked around on our way to the car. The weather was truely beautiful again and we had a wonderful time together!!
I had to go and have my bloods taken after and Barbs drove me to the pathology place - she waited in the car with the girls and thankfully it didnt take to long.

As this was my final day of freedom so to speak before tomorrows delights - Barbs drove us to a shop to get some fabric samples for my lounge revamp and then to woolies for a few bits and pieces!!
As we going back to the car we stopped at a little stall in the shopping centre to look at an amazing array of very reasonably priced fashion watches!
We were both looking at getting one when the chap behind the little stall came out and asked one of the ladies looking if he could look in her bag!!
The stall was quite busy with a few of us all around - well this lady had seen an opportunity and had been happily filling her bag with watches!!!
He took into the middle and took almost 20 watches out of her bag. She also had a number of scarves in there which sadly I think she must have taken from another shop!!!
It was all quite a business - he was very gracious and told her to pay for the watches and he wouldn,t call security - well she ended up paying about 150 dollars - she didn't have enough for all she had stolen - he certainly didnt let her take them.
He told her he didn't want to see her in the centre again or he would call security!!
The girls couldn't believe what they had witnessed. Real drama !!!!

So there you - what a day of twists and turns - we headed home and I managed to sit and have a cup of tea with barbs before heading out to horseriding!!!

I haven't even touched on the last couple of days that I have spent with my gorgeous friend from Melbourne who felt to come up and spend a long weekend with us - giving us such TLC , helping with the girls, the goats , doing washing and ironing.
She has been amazing not to mention the special times we have shared just soaking in the farm surroundings etc. I could really do an entire blog just on that!!
It has been an incredibly precious time to top up my emotional tank for the next chapter!!
I am very blessed.
So friends near and far - tomorrow is chemotherapy no 3 - to be honest I am not looking forward to it - but know also it is a step closer to the end of chemo for good hopefully.
That is a day I am very much looking forward to.
Until next time !!!!!

I hope you can read this little card - just love it xxx


  1. Nearly the end my friend and just think of your mom being there with you for your last treatment. Thinking of you always and sorry about C's riding, she is a very sweet daughter and more time together with our children is always a blessing. Stay strong x

  2. Hi Debs. reading your blog made me angry and sad seeing you treated like that. Anyway love you are on the downhill run with this one, keep trusting the Lord for his peace and strength. rest and take things easy. there are good days ahead. Love you so much and pray for you every day. Mum

  3. Well Debs , Sorry about mix up over horse riding , I guess this brings us closer to C getting her own horse at farm and other friends who want to stable there also . Would love to be with you . Great to hear about your friend on visit and others who are supporting you . Love you lots and am praying for your next testing time . Love Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO