Sunday, 10 July 2011

Taxotere time out please !!!!!

Well the rollarcoaster continues.

Today I would just love a time-out! The taxotere is doing its thing - I am achey and feeling yuck. Had a restless sleep last night and have to be honest have woken up today feeling a bit teary and flat.
I know that the drugs are contributing to this but this morning it would have been nice to wake up without discomfort or side effects.
To look in the mirror and see something other than this strange looking skin head with a dodgy bod!!
Its just funny how one day you are travelling fine and then the next the road feels that much longer.

Had a very restful day yesterday - was feeling a bit peeky but ended up braving a visit to the lady I met at the Look Good Feel Good program.
We had reconnected at chemo on Thursday and she had suggested that we see how we both were feeling on saturday afternoon - all going well we could pop over for tea and scones! They live about 5mins from us!
I wasn't really feeling like going out but thought it would be worth trying to make the effort - so we all headed over in the afternoon.
I donned my headscarf on its first outing - felt a bit weird but at least I was seeing someone who would have a headcovering of her own!!
We had a lovely time but didn't stay long at all - we were all home again within the hour !!
It was good to get a bit of fresh air but I just crashed into bed when we got home - I don't think my body really was up to the activity.
Activity haha - lifting a cup from the table to my lips - pretty sad that that is exhausting!!

So today I will be lying very low - am still in bed infact - just not feeling right today at all. Need to give the old body a chance to recover .
At least the sun is shining and the sweet bird song is filtering in through my window.
B and the girls are heading out to the shops so I shall have a snooze until they return.

My beautiful mum sent this to me

I stand in awe of your power Lord and newly encouraged that you who set the boundaries of the sea have also set the boundaries of my life.
The raging waters may roll against me
They cannot prevail
They may roar but they cannot cross the boundaries established by my God.

There is comfort in that ........


  1. Whether you embrace the label or not Debs, there's no getting away from the fact that you, my friend, are absolutely inspirational. Real. Honest. Positive. I lap up your blog updates, they get me going! <3 Jodes xx

  2. I know how these days knock you back, sorry you having a bad day my friend. Stay strong and I'm sending you lots of love. Rest yourself x

  3. You are doing so well my friend - just hang in there and have lots of rest - you are an amazing person and God is with you through it all and we all love you from many parts of the world x x

  4. Dearest Deb's , I feel sorry you are going through this but the thought that it is to make sure the " c " is dealt with is my comfort . So keep trying to be strong and hang in there as it sure will pass . We will be with you all the way . All my love Dad , you are a very special person and daughter . :)))

  5. Hi Debs this is the first time using this comment box for me, I know little about computers as you can imagine, anyway love can see you are really being challenged but know I love you so very much and talk to the Lord about you every day, remember he is with you even in the moments when you are feeling low but remember in the valley or mountain top God is always there.
    Remember While resting in the presence of the Lord
    Abiding in his love
    we feel his power
    While leaning on his love
    We are restored.
    Love you my precious daughter