Thursday, 21 April 2011

I have my puffball !

Well I am the proud owner of my first prothesis - sounds fancy doesn't it. The truth is I have a cotton triangle filled with what I can only describe as soft toy stuffing!!! This will be my substitute until I get the real shebang!!!
Anyway I have run ahead of myself. Still filling in the gaps..

So I had woken up in recovery - all a bit of a blur really - I shall not go into too much detail about the first day as unfortunately recovering from the anaesthetic took a while, I was spaced out, teary and vomiing for most of the day. I had a drain in, intravenous line in and oxygen on the go. Needless to say when my poor family came later that afternoon they got a bit of a shock!!
I was struggling to keep my eyes open when they came and these 3 worried faces looked at me - c kept saying mum I didn't think you would look this bad with tears streaming down her usually joyful little face, A and B just looked a bit shellshocked and my slurred words didn't offer much comfort!!
They didnt stay long and then went to a dear friends for dinner - I was so thankful they weren't heading home alone with their worries!!

After feeding my precious family my poor friend arrived back at the hospital to see me and help me into my pj's!
I was still suffering the effects of being under GA when she arrived later that evening!
It is a good friend that can stand beside you as you throw up continuously , bring a wet cloth to mop your brow and help wiggle you out of an oversized theatre gown into your own comfy pj's.
Thankfully she has nursing under her belt but her patients are usually baby size and we are more used to laughing over a cuppa together as opposed to this scenerio!!
I was so thankful for her being there to settle me for the night!!
The ward I was in was mixed as often the case her in Oz. I had 3 men in the beds opposite me and 2 ladies to the side. I did have a window seat on this flight which was good!
You soon have to throw all selfconciousness to the wind with this set -up. There I was behind the curtain - one breast missing trying to go to the loo on a commode in the silence of a multi sexed ward!
But I did it - yeha!!!

The first day was tough but I am pleased to say - day 2 was a lot brighter. Amazing how much better you feel after a nights sleep and some breakfast! I had walked to the loo in the night - so was up and about which was good - didn't fancy a repeat behind the curtain experience!!
I had colour in my cheeks and lay looking out the window at the pouring rain - glad I wasn't missing out on sunshine .
I had been unsure how I would feel after the op especially when I had to look at the wound etc but I have to say it was much better than I had thought. I am not even sure what I had expected but the very neatly stitched wound across my chest to arm did not shock me as I had thought it might!
It was so neat and clean and in a sense I did feel that relief at having the cancerous parts taken away!
It was sore but not unbareable - I really felt again such a sense that everything was going to be okay!!
I was looking forward to seeing the girls later as at least today they would leave with a different picture in their minds when they returned home.
They did visit and we were able to have a cuddle which was great , C was fascinated to see the blood in the drain, peered at the wound over and over and asked me how long it would be until my boob grew back!!! Too funny!

There had been talk before the op of me going home the day after but my drain was still filling quite a bit so I was to stay another night!!
I didn't sleep so well that night - I guess the GA had worn off enough by then - so I lay awake off and on listening to the sweet sounds of hospital nightlife - bells going off , patients shuffling to the toilet , gaseous explosions from someone in my room, nurses nattering so by the morning I was wrecked!!!
I have to say the night staff were great though - one of the male nurses was particularily on th ball - I had to laugh as the first night I met him the ward lights were off and he came to check my drip! I was blinded by what I can only describe as a miners headlamp - he didn't carry a torch - went for the hands free option - very practical but very funny!!!

So day 2 had come and gone and I was hoping to go home .......

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