Monday, 25 April 2011

A Cloudy day .....

Well today the sunshine has disappeared and we woke up to heavy rain and grey skies!!
Unfortunately this was in line with me today.

We had a lovely day yesterday - I had worried that Easter Sunday we would be alone and the girls would be feeling sad that we weren't with our family overseas as we would have arrived there that day. We had to cancel our holiday !!
Thankfully we were rescued by a special couple that my family had known for over 20 years!!
They arrived at lunchtime with a beautiful roast chicken and trimmings - and before our eyes a table of food was prepared and setup for us to enjoy!
After this ,all was cleared away and it looked as if nothing had even happened - amazing!
What a treat - this was followed by coffee, easter eggs, a singsong with guitar and a fun movie!
The girls had a great time as did we and it really did make the day for us!

I have been up and about these last couple of days and doing a bit here and there but still lots of relaxing yet last night my body hit back!!
The pain and discomfort related to the op has been there but manageable - but last night I felt like I had been through a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson.
My wound was burning, I have developed a seroma under my arm, it just was so sore, uncomfortable and I felt like any movement was too much.
I went to bed teary, frustrated and sore!!

So as I say when I looked out the window and saw the pouring rain and grey skies the sun had gone!!
I have spent all day in bed today - books, portable dvd and sleep is what has occupied me.
I still feel uncomfortable but nothing like last night - I am trying to hold out until Wednesday to see the surgeon to have the seroma drained and I'm sure that will relieve the pressure also!
I think my body was sending me back to bed so there I have stayed!!!

To add to our mood we saw a report in the news today about a Dr and family who have been living and working in Australia since 2005 - they put in their application for residency in 2008 but immigration took a while to get to process it! Whilst the application was in the Drs wife developed breast cancer and now sadly she is terminal.
Immigration has advised the Dr that the only way his application for permanent residency will be approved is if he divorces/legally seperates from his wife.
She would then have to return to the Phillipines and he could remain here with his children!!!
I know there may be more to the story than in the report but it doesn't paint a very encouraging picture - does it????

Well this morning I had a few encouraging messages from friends near and far - I certainly needed them today!!

As I write this the skies are returning to blue, the clouds have moved and the rain has stopped.
The sun she is shining on us once more!
I am on the rollarcoaster and we have rolled down a bit this morning but after a day in bed I feel the rollarcoaster rising again - I want to feel the sun on my face even more ...........
I do wish this thing had a steering wheel !!!!!!

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  1. It is not all rain and dark clouds. I see a very good attitude in you. I can't feel in the way you right that you are hopeful despite all this. Everyone should take inspiration from you. electronic hugs from me.