Sunday, 1 May 2011

Always look on the bright side of life .....

It is an almost perfect day here , clear blue skies, bright sunshine and gentle breeze.
Very good for the soul!

Well quite a lot has happened these last couple of days.
Friday was a bit of a tough day - felt pretty teary off and on all day - my girls were running in crosscountry that day .
Usually I am able to attend most of the school sporting events - but due to my continued pain and discomfort I didn't feel I could go.
My youngest daughter was very disappointed by this and said but Mummy who will squirt water at us when we run past .
My heart ached - just not being able to do the usual things has been truely frustrating.
Thankfully all was not lost as Friday was the Royal Wedding!!
Some dear friends who were on Meals on Wheels duty planned to bring dinner etc and make an event of the Wedding. What a blessing.
We had the TV on from about 4 - we had nibbles, champagne followed by an amazing dinner and dessert.
We thoroughly enjoyed watching all the proceedings , the beautiful bride and adoring Prince and public. Not to mention the good company!!
Such a happy event - couldn't help but lift our spirits!!!
Thank you Will and Kate .

Saturday was to prove to be eventful too. B and I had planned to attend the BCNA forum in our local town- we had been invited since I had joined the network. The day was to inform you about services available for breast cancer sufferers and there were speakers including a medical oncologist, breast cancer survivors, BCNA representatives etc as well as tables with associated support services.
I had mixed emotions about attending - I wanted to hear and connect with the support services but also knew by going it would be pretty confronting. Again facing the realities of my illness.
All the ladies we came across were very friendly and supportive and the talks were very informative. One of the ladies I met who was 8 years down the road - gave me her contact details and said to phone anytime with any questions etc. So generous.
Lunch was provided and as B and I sat tucking into our sandwiches one of the pink ladies organising the day approached me and asked me if I would mind speaking to the journo as she called her!!
In my mind I thought it was just someone from the BCNA getting feedback for the news related to the forum. So I said sure I didnt mind.
Anyway as the 'journo' was asking questions I realised this wasn't just for the network brochure but infact she was from the local newspaper.
So anyway I answered her questions and then when she finished she said can we take a photo!!

Well I have never been a fan of photos but thought to myself - how bad could it really be don't be too vain!!!
I was to stand holding the BCNA pink lady.
Haha how wrong was I !!!
I sort of expected a small pick with an equally small article!! Again how wrong was I.
There I was in the local paper almost half a page article with a huge picture of me - I have to say one of the most awful I have EVER seen!!!
I can hear you saying surely it wasn't that bad - believe me a friend who popped up today said the same thing until I showed to her the photo!!!!
I had to dangle over a railing which you can't see in photo and look down 2 stories to the photographer below.
So you can imagine - I look like my face has been inflated with a bicycle pump and this has added a very flattering double chin!!!!
I think the focus was more on getting the pink lady standing out against the sky that they forgot that a real pink lady was holding it who might be more affected by the photograph than the cardboard cutout!!

Anyway I have decided I can only laugh - at least when people see me in real life they will think I'm looking well in contrast to that photo hehe xx
Just another step in this journey - one that perhaps I could have avoided!

So there we are - only 2 sleeps until I find out my path ahead - really want to know now.
Will keep you posted x

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us - I check every day for a update and will be praying hard for the path ahead. Love you lots x