Saturday, 28 May 2011

What if??

Its the weekend again - the days are flying by.
Feeling very relaxed tonight - have just watched a dvd with a glass of vino and nibblies!
The fire is burning and I'm feeling good ......

I went to Physio yesterday and am pleased to report that the arm movement is still on the up and up!!
Great news - even better is that when i told her about my back that she had me lying on the bed
and proceeded to give me the most wonderful back massage around my tender spine etc.
I was so relaxed by the time I got home that I feel asleep and woke up just in time to get the girls from school.
Only one more session with the physio to go - oh how I will miss her!!!

Had a very lazy day today - just took c to a birthday party and had a coffee there with a few of the mums - was nice to feel normal.
Today I managed to get through a bit of paperwork , bills and the like that have been left in a pile for a while now.
I have been communicating via email to other ladies in the same shoes as I - and reading of their journeys and struggles.
I know I will be asking for plenty of advice in the weeks ahead!!

The movie we watched was Letters to Juliet - a real romance!
Set in the exquisite Verona - Italy.
The film is filled with stunning scenery and red wine is flowing!! A real escape to beauty and love ( even if its hollywood style)
I was struck again by the letter that the secretaries of Juliet wrote to Claire who had placed a letter in the wall some 50 years before.
"what' and 'if" are 2 very small words but when put together mean something quite different.
Cancer although full of negative challenges also presents positive challenges too - you are suddenly so aware that life is not in our hands or under our control and as such we should embrace all that is in our world.
You see so clearly the value of those in your world - family and friends etc
You don't want to have any what if's - life does move so fast for each of us and within each of our worlds there is something to celebrate, hopefully someone to love and those who we need to tell that we care!
That old saying 'Take time to stop and smell the roses ' is beautiful yet so familiar we may not heed it!
If you feel you have no roses to smell then give some to someone else and enjoy the joy that they will have in smelling them.

We only have one life to live - no matter what - make it one that holds as few what ifs as possible!!!!

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  1. Love you lots , keep on being strong . Jesus is watching over you . love Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO