Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A date with the big screen !!!

I am absolutely shattered!!

The country bumpkin has braved the big city!!
Lets start at the very beginning!!

A friend had suggested she take me to movies today - Water for Elephants. What a treat!
Granny and grandpa came down with us for a dander around the shops while we went to the movies!
This was to be the furthest away from home I had been in over a month.
It was really funny I was so aware of all the sparkly lights, the buzz of the shoppers and all the new ranges in the store windows.
It was as if the country mouse had left her burrow and was seeing the city lights for the first time.
It wasn't even a particularily busy day at the shops but I didn't know where to look. I hadn't had so much going on around me since my night in hospital!!

We parted ways with my inlaws and headed to the movies. I had to complete the experience with popcorn and a fizzy of course. The seats in our screening were surprisingly full - with a range of viewers!
We nestled in and the hours passed as we lost ourselves in days gone by, circus acts, romance , sadness and joy!!
I did have to wriggle and squiggle in my seat a bit as 2 hours was quite long to sit with a dodgy back - but it certainly didn't take away from the joy of being swept up in the escapism of a movie screening.
It may however not have been so for those sitting next to me oops!!
I had my tissues handy and yes I did need them when the credits rolled so did my tears - I just love going to the movies!!

So out we went - the sun had been shining when we went in earlier but now the grey clouds has covered the sky and it looked decidedly wintery!
We met up with Granny and Grandpa for a quick bite to eat before heading home again.
They had been very naughty and we arrived home they presented me with a wonderful gift! A fast slow cooker!! A combination slow cooker and pressure cooker in one - hence the name - very irish I thought !
So we will be experimenting with that no doubt!!

The girls came home soon after and my friend who brought them stayed for a cuppa and then another friend came with an amazing array of containers with homemade soup. olive bread and pudding!
We are so spoilt!

I am already sitting in my bed typing this (its only 7.30pm) on my new toy as I am now feeling absolutely exhausted.
It was a real treat to go to the movies today and was certainly worth the tiredness I feel tonight - I am just hoping that as the days pass I will have a bit more vooma as it is tiring being tired!!!
Roll on the energy !

Until the next time .....zzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Glad you got out and had a nice day , good friends you have my dear . Love Dad