Saturday, 14 May 2011

What a difference a day makes !!!!!

Okay so I was hoping to post all sorts of positive happenings today - clearly I should have written yesterday!!

Will start with the good bits first.
I went to the Physio again yesterday and am pleased to report that my exercises have resulted in a 20cm increase in movement.
Wow wee I was so proud of myself!! Amazing how exciting such a small thing can be these days.
I just felt so encouraged that I was infact moving forward and that pushing through the pain had shown some fruit.
So I came away feeling very positive - onward and upward.

A friend had taken me and we had a bit of time before the appointment so we went for a cuppa .
Whilst sitting in the cafe I was talking about the head dress options so we decided we would have a look in the shop just near the cafe to see if they had any hats!
They had a few - so we tucked my hair away and tried a few on!
Went from looking like Andy Capp to Im not sure what. We were in fits of giggles trying very hard to see the positive in this escapade.
I did buy a knitted sort of cap - but on trying it on at home I have handed it on to my daughter - it looks far more suited to her with her lovely long locks!!
So the search continues - a few years back I was in Sydney for a conference and a market nearby had stalls with numerous wigs - I must have tried on about 6 then for fun - but I have to say they all looked awful so not feeling very hopeful in that regard!!
Anyway we had a good laugh.

After returning home I had to go and have a rest - it is pretty sad that a few hours away from home is so exhausting!

So now onto the drama - I had hopped into bed pretty early last night and was woken with an extremely loud crash and bang.
I went into the dining room to find poor Grandpa flat on his back on the floor. B and Granny had arrived on the scene and we were checking if he was okay.
Thankfully he did not suffer any serious damage - a sore knee and chest which had hit the fire on the way down. He had been wearing socks whilst walking on the wooden floors so I don't think that helped matters!
It gave us all quite a shock - especially poor grandpa!
A cup of tea with a tot of brandy did the trick and we all went to bed for the night!

So I woke up this morning, the sun is shining and I was feeling more comfortable with my arm and was even contemplating trying to drive today for the first time since before the op!
Hmm - well I was just standing in the kitchen looking out the window when I thought I would try to stretch a bit as my body was feeling pretty tight - I guess from sleeping awkwardly each night.
Bad idea - I had just lifted my left arm up when pop I felt something go in my spine.
The pain that followed was excruciating!!
Returned to the bedroom and tried to lie down - I could barely move.
I burst into tears partly from the pain and also from the frustration of now having to deal with another struggle when I had been feeling this morning that I was moving forward.
What a nightmare - anyway I have taken a cocktail of painkillers and am hoping that it will resolve itself.
Or it will be another trip to the drs!!
So now I am sitting with pain in the left side and all my excitement on the right!!!
I have never had anything like this happen before so no idea why I should have it happen now!

Anyway it has eased a bit now so I am hopeful.
The family has just gone out on a bit of an expedition so I am glad they will have a bit of fun in the sun hopefully.
Poor A was very unsure whether to leave me alone - but I encouraged her to go as I really want her to have a good time out with everyone and not always be worrying about me.

I shall enjoy the peace and tranquility of the farm and pray that all will come right!
A friend had posted me some divine socks which arrived yesterday - the are the softest socks I have ever felt - so I have put them on - so comforting!!
(and no I wont be walking on the wooden floors wearing just my socks!!)

So heres to another fresh start tomorrow ......


  1. It seems to me you are being really tested , sorry about all this . Love you always . Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Oh my lovely Pink Peonie, you are really getting it from all sides aren't you friendy?! Your genuine positivity and honesty through it all is completely inspiring to me. I am loving reading your blog - what a good idea you clever thing! Love you lots darling Debs xx

  3. Hope you feel better soon my friend and the new pain is gone soon soon....Lots of love and love to all x x x

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey Deb. Sounds like you may need a chiropractor or osteopath to help with this problem - have you considered this or some remedial massage? I can recommend a lovely lady at Buderim if you need one ...

  5. I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a bad time recently, and hope that your back is feeling a lot better by now. Hope you did ok at the Sports continue to amaze me, and I find that I move from silent tears flowing down my cheeks when I hear all your news, to a chuckle here and there with your amazing sense of humour at all you are facing. You are one special lady, always have known that! Sending Huge virtual hugs, wish they could be real ones...lots of Love Mich