Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sports Day ... I made it !!

Okay well sadly the back pain lurked around and on Sunday morning we went to the GP as I didn't know what to do with myself.
As it was Sunday it was just an emergency clinic so I sat waiting for over an hour - eventually I went in and saw a lovely Dr - I had tenderness over T4 with radiating pain.
So off for an xray on Monday and a script for some painkillers!!
I was feeling quite disheartened on the way home - frustrated at another drama - but my tears had dried by the time we reached the gate.
I just love coming home to the farm.
'Just keep swimming , just keep swimming ........' (Nemo)
I of course googled T4 tenderness etc and turns out this is quite a known occurence linked to poor posture/weak back etc and I guess I didnt realise how the awkward sleeping position and immobility had taken its toll!!
So many joys!!
I spent most of the day on my back downing my pills!! I was hoping to get right for sports day on Monday.
Well all the rest and painkillers paid off as I felt able to brave the sports field - as a spectator of course - my wonderful friend picked us ( me, granny and grandpa) up and took us to school.
She had sandwiches , bikkies and a flask of tea all organised for us and we plonked ourselves next to the running track to cheer C on.
It was a beautiful day and it was great to feel the sun on our faces!! C ran her best and came 1st and 3rd in the races so was very happy with herself!
I saw a few familiar faces and was nice to catch up !
It was a funny feeling to be out and about on the one hand but felt good to be a bit more normal.
( My friend reminded me that normal really isn't something I am in any case!! heehee )

I still had to go for my xray so granny and grandpa were dropped back at the farm and my taxi driver took me to xray!
Honestly I still can't believe the number of medical appointments I am going to - I hardly ever went to the Dr  and the frequency of these have certainly increased these last few months!
Well headed home later and then back to Dr for review - turns out he is the one we have to go for the visa medicals too - what are the chances!!
After my day I was pooped!!

The rollarcoaster continues!!

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  1. Stay strong my darling daughter you will make it through . Love Dad