Thursday, 26 May 2011

Go - go - go !!

I cant believe a week has almost passed already.

I feel like it has been go go go.
I am still driving the girls to and fro from school and it feels good to have a bit of normal routine back. They were so pleased when i took them to school on Monday for the first time in weeks. I ended up going to coffee with one of my friends who I saw at kiss and go and we just popped down to a local coffee shop .
We hadn't seen each other since before the op so had lots to chat about - clearly my hormones were still doing loop de loops as while we there a lady came into the cafe who clearly had breast cancer and must have been going through chemo! She had a very long and attention drawing scarf on and I looked at her and found myself in tears!!
So there we were in the coffee shop drying our eyes as it wasn't just me crying further into our chats my friend was crying too.
I am sure those around were wondering what was in the coffee.
Well we laughed also and it was good to catch up.

I didn't stay at the shops and headed home as I was still feeling pretty tired from the weekend.
Monday was actually A's birthday so we had candles and cake after school and she was happy. So I am now the mother of a teenager - oh lala x
We had decided that as this was such an important birthday that A could have a day off school. So on Tuesday we spent the day together. A wanted to go shopping - so off to the plaza we went. We had a great time in and out of the shops and she had some birthday money to spend so we went home with a few purchases and a very happy teenager!
It was really funny as when we were in an accessory shop I saw a lady with a short haircut that I fancied - so I was trying to take a photo with my phone without looking too obvious. What a laugh - lifting my phone and trying to get a few different angles without drawing attention - a candidate for MI5 maybe!!

Back to my reality on Wednesday with a trip to the hospital for a Lymphoedema information session.
I arrived a few mins late as it took me almost 25mins to find a parking even the multilevel carpark was full - what a business.
The session was taken by an occupational therapist and there were 6 of us , 5 ladies and 1 man.
I was about 10 - 15 years younger than the other ladies.
One lady was sitting with her crescent cushion under her arm - she was 2 weeks post op and struggling I think.
It was when I saw and heard her speak I realised how far I had come in these last weeks and how I had moved forward. Was quite encouraging!
The first hour was spent learning all about the risks etc and the joyous news that this was something we would have for the rest of our lives.
Unfortunately long haul flights increase the risk of lymphoedema although you can go with a compression stocking on your arm.
Oh the joys!!
Anyway I left informed and armed with leaflets and samples of creams etc.
My cancer file is bursting at the seams!!

The days are flowing pretty rapidly from one to the next and it is amazing to think that on Monday it will be 6 weeks since I had my op!
The oncology department phoned me today to confirm my appointment for Tuesday so it is all systems go!
Tomorrow I am off for Physio - so as I said go go go.
Amongst the madness and mayhem and my rather annoying tiredness it isn't always possible to get together with friends.
With all the appointments etc it can be hard to plan to get together but this week a few spontaneous happenings have been good.
Lunch at a friends on her lovely horse property, another friend popped over with homemade banana bread and my first hat - handmade!!
And today a coffee with a dear friend turned into a few hours just sitting watching the waves roll in onto the beach.
There is something so refreshing about sitting with the sand at your feet and listening and seeing the waves break in front of you!!
Very good for the soul!

So I am holding tight now in this rollercoaster - I know I cant get off and have nestled myself into my seat and am feeling more prepared now for meeting the oncologist next week.
I think I am in the right head space to get going with the chemo and know that the sooner we get going the sooner it will be in the past!!!!

Thats what I am believing for ......


  1. Will be thinking and praying for you on Tuesday my dear dear friend....I so wish I could be one of the friends that is able to see you....but I hope to be able to come and see you all next year...Love you lots x x

  2. Great to stumble on your blog! Best of luck with everything! Have you heard of FAMEDS? The only non-profit leading the effort against the FDA in order to continue the use of the drug Avastin for the 17,500 women with breast cancer surviving on the drug. Please sign and share the urgent petition:

  3. What a daughter I have , stay strong . We love you . Dad XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOO