Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Medicals smedicals ........

Okay so today was another day full with medical encounters!!!

The day started wonderfully with the lady who is helping me with cleaning arriving and transforming our living space before our eyes!!
A true gift - just love having a clean home!!

Today was the day for my return trip to the surgeon and then our family expedition to the Drs for our visa medicals.
Another friend arrived to transport me to the hospital outpatients department - it has become quite the custom to be taxi ed here and there - I may never drive again .....
We had the fastest bite to eat ever at a cafe just opposite the hospital and then I headed across to my appointment.
You would think that by now I would know the routine considering the number of times I had been there. It seems a left my brain at the cafe as I approached the desk before taking my numbered ticket!
Oh my the lady behind the desk was not amused - did I not read the sign. Hmm I had the feeling I had been down this road before.
I apologised politely and took my ticket and sat to wait for my number to be called!!
In no time I was whisked away to see the Dr.

I was really pleased when the lovely lady Dr I had seen before the op came in. She checked the seroma - slight swelling but not enough to necessitate draining - yeh at last no more needles.
In the middle of our chat my surgeon joined us and we had a good time going over some bits and pieces with lots of laughter in between.
She checked my spine again - still tender at T4 but no long term concerns - just come back if any increase in pain and they wanted to check on me again in a month!!
I was encouraged to continue with the exercises and massage and try to just embrace life as much as possible and in as normal a way as possible ( there was that word again)
So I left happy and braced myself for the medical.

B had already collected the girls from school and then picked me up from the hospital and we were off!!
We were armed with a wad of forms that we had to print out and fill in prior to arriving - we presented these when we got to the reception desk. B knew he had to have an xray and bloods done ! He thought that this was done after seeing the Dr but a rather brisk receptionist told us in no uncertain terms that she would of course have told B that he needed to do this prior to coming.
Infact she could see on the computer that she made the booking and clearly she doesn't make mistakes ever!
So we had been told off in the first few minutes - not the best start!
I am pleased to say that another lady took over and was much more friendly and helpful.
There was however some query as to whether A now required an xray so they then had to call immigration to confirm etc etc.
In the meantime we were whisked away by a nurse who presented us all with a sample pot to wee into.
The girls were horrified at the thought - so I took C into get her sorted and soon the 4 of us walked into the nurse station each bearing a gift - not quite frankincence and myrrh.....
We resumed our seats and waited to be summoned once more.
After a while our family bustled into the Drs room to await our fate!!

C went first and just as well as we all saw what was to follow!!
Eyes tested, ears tested,a look in the throat ,blood pressure , lifting of the legs, prodding of the tummy, bending and stretching to name but a few.
C was in a fit of giggles for most of it - she thought the whole proceeding was hilarious!!
A was not so thrilled as for the greater part most of this was done in our underwear. I had not anticipated this and was sitting trying to remember what underwear I actually had on!!
Do you remember being told if you are going out to make sure your underwear is decent just incase you are in an accident and end up in hospital!!!
Soon it was B's turn and we all laughed as dad did his athletic manoevures in his underpants!!
I of course had no place to laugh as when it was my turn I was wondering if I would even be able to bend at all.
I am proud to say I did all the leg and arm lifting and twisting required!! My arm lifting was slow but I DID IT !!!!!

The Dr asked the girls to go into the waiting room when he was chatting to me - he said he wasn't sure how much the girls knew about the breast cancer.
We said they knew everything - in any case we had a chat - he documented details and we are hoping for the best.
In theory I actually don't have breast cancer now as they have cut it out and my nodes are clear!
Lets hope that is good enough!!!
A was quite put out that the girls had to leave the room and asked me what that was all about!!
When I told her she cracked me up when she said. " Oh come on mum how ridiculous - you are missing a boob , what are we supposed to think , it fell off in the night while you were sleeping - or a shark bit it off while you were swimming!!!!"
Never a dull moment .

We had to nip over to the local mall to get some photos taken for the paperwork - well you should have seen them - the girls and I were told not to smile and the result was 3 very sombre depressed looking mug shots. We are hoping that when they look at them they will take pity and not think oh dear we dont want to keep that sad lot!

So the medical smedicals are behind us and our future is out of our hands.

My darling husband has just made a passing comment of ' I wonder what New Zealand is like!!" Heaven help us - surely we need it ........

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  1. What a joke , laughed through this at the thought :))

    Love you all .