Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day ......

Well we have had a rather dull, cold and wet weekend weather wise but Sunday was Mothers day and the sun shone in this house for sure.
Granny and Grandpa had landed safely the night before and so we all woke up to Mothers day together.
The girls and B came in singing together with cards and pressies - I was so spoilt - I have been saving for quite some time to get a laptop and was just over half way to the one I wanted - but it arrived for me on Mothers Day.
How excited was I - now I have my very own computer - yababdabadoo.
I can set all my favourites , google when I want to, facebook , email , catchup TV at my finger tips!
B was a bit concerned later in the day that I may never leave my bedroom again!!
(I did of course - for a drink and the bathroom - haha )

More importantly the girls had put together a lovely little book with sayings and photos of times spent together - the words in their cards made me cry! Too special - I so love my girlies!!! xx

Next we headed to Granny and Grandpas room where Granny was surprised with a bag of goodies and special handmade cards etc from the girls.
Poor grandpa did get some choccies and tea so he didnt feel left out.
Sadly the weather was a bit grim and chilly but we all just relaxed together and kept cosy indoors.
The girls were back to school as usual yesterday although hoping they may get a few days off to spend with their grandparents!

Today was back to the surgeon for the draining again.
I am pleased to report that the swelling is much smaller this week and so we are hopeful that next week may be the last! Yeha
The outpatient booking lady now recognises me and said - oh you are one of our regulars!!
I did mention the frequent fliers card but sadly it didn't even raise a smile!!
I did actually see the surgeon today - wow - he is a bit concerned that I have limited movement in my arm and has told me to push the exercises and he wants to see an improvement by next week.
No pain no gain he said - yes I thought easy to say when you don't have the pain.
Nevertheless I am committed to getting this arm moving and will push through - watch this space !!
He did say however that it is not definite that I will have herceptin will find out more from medical oncologists at the end of the month. So that would be great.
Also radiotherapy may not be a definite either - am saying radio oncologist tomorrow so will know more then !
So all in all not  a bad visit.

The girls are enjoying having Granny and Grandpa around - it takes a while to recover from the long haul flight so they are just taking it easy!
Once again I have to say I am so thankful for the meals that have been coming - it is such a blessing and help - amazing what a relief it is to not have to even think about that!
So the journey continues - just feel like I am living a bit from appt to appt at the moment.
I am certainly eating well in between though hehe x

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!

Thank you to those who are keeping the wind under my wings ......


  1. Keep going my Darling daughter , you are going good. Love Dad

  2. Enjoy your new pressie - so glad we can hear from you more often now :-) Lots of love x x x