Sunday, 22 May 2011

Stop I want to get off !!!!

So this morning I have woken up with a strong desire to get off this rollercoaster ride I am on. Every day I wake I am reminded by the strange sensations in my armpit that things are not as they should be.
I spent some time on the Breast cancer website last night looking through the posts of numerous women on the same road as me.
They are amazing women of strength and courage and yet the reality is that we are all on a road we did not choose! Stories of bone pain, hairloss, hospital readmission, chemo, mastectomy, depresssion etc etc are not stories we would want to have to share yet thousands of women do - with such dignity.
 I am determined that I want to be involved with helping in this area once I have navigated mine!!

It is a glorious morning here today and that is always good for the soul.
Yesterday was a non stop funathon for A - we went tenbowling with a few of her friends. She has such wonderful girlfriends in her world - I am so very thankful for that. They laughed and danced and bowled for a couple of hours and then 2 friends joined us for dinner at a special restaurant that A loves.
She came home thanking us for such a wonderful day! I am so proud of her - she is growing up to be a very special young lady!!

Today we are just relaxing - well I am at least. The nonstop funathon has left me pooped - but was certainly worth every moment to see the joy on the birthday girl.
I am still lolling around in my pjs - so I think I better get up and get dressed at least!!
Its hard to believe that over a month has passed since I had the operation - the weeks are just rolling one into another.
Just over a week until I know the gameplan - as much as I don't want to get going I also do !!
Anyway I am feeling better now - sometimes it helps just to let it all hang out!

I am going to have a refreshing shower , powder my nose and get myself going for the day.
I am surrounded by a family I love dearly , live in a home in surroundings I have dreamt of since being a little girl , have had support from friends way beyond any thought or expectation.
My cup is full and running over - always good to look at the bigger picture.

There is a song from an old movie that says.

When life seems pretty rotten
Theres something you've forgotten
Thats to sing and laugh and dance teraah

Always look on the bright side of life te dum te dum te dum te dum
Always look on the bright side of life te dum te dum te dum te dum ..............

So I am off to do just that .......


  1. Hope your day has gone well today precious.
    So glad Abbey had a great birthday - Please wish her for me and give her a big hug!! I am not the least bit surprised that she is growing up to be such a special lady...look at her amazing mother! Well done to you!x
    Pray you have an uplifting week, and remember Romans 8:28 this week.
    Much love Debs,
    Olivia xx


  3. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind and in my prayers x x x Love you loads special friend x x x