Friday, 16 September 2011

A sense of humour is definitely required!!

I am sitting on our verandha at the moment.
It is an absolutely glorious day here - the sun is shining and a soft gentle breeze is carrying the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air!!
Just beautiful.

Well this is definitely the calm after the storm!!!!!

My poor mum had been suffering a bit of muscular pain and a headache since our accident last week. We had put this down to a bit of whiplash however her headache didnt seem to be lifting so we thought we better just get it checked out . I took her to our local GP thinking he may suggest a higher dose muscle relaxant or something.
Mum went in and I waited outside. She was in there for quite a while and I was beginning to get a bit concerned when she came out with the Doctor.
He handed a form to the nurse and she was the phone booking an appointment for a brain scan !!!!
Seriously - well I turned to my mum and said what is happening.
She said the GP had done some tests and he wasn't happy and was sending her for an urgent brain scan. He was concerned they may be some bleeding in the brain!!
Well with all that has been happening over these last months you would have thought that I would have collapsed into a heap - but no being the loving daughter that I am I just burst out laughing!!
I couldn't believe it - saying the words 'what next?' are banned in our household!!!

So there we were back in the car heading not to the pharmacy for a few stronger painkillers -but of to the radiology department for a CT scan of the brain!!
Well mum and I both had a giggle in the car on the way there - we did also pray of course that the scan would be clear and anything of concern would be fixed before we got there!!
In my heart of hearts I felt that all would be fine but I am also open to all possibilities these days!!!
We arrived there in no time and before long mum was taken in while I waited outside!!
I phoned my husband to relay the developments - he couldn't believe it - he asked me if he should come down to be there with us!!
I said to wait until we knew what was what!!
Well soon mum was out again and we had to wait for the films before leaving.
The GP had said we would be told the results there at the radiology department but we were given the films without the results.
When I asked they said no that wasn't their usual practise and we had to get the results from the GP.
I said well one would hope that if mum had a bleed on the brain they wouldn't just let us leave!!
'You would think so" was her reply.

So we headed home - I had called the surgery to speak to the GP he wouldn't be back for another few hours.
Mum went to lie down and we waited to get the results. I called the GP again at the time I was supposed to - still no results!!
I took the scans and had a look up against the light - the one thing I could see was that the left side looked the same as the right all the way through so I was guessing it would be okay - not that I am a brain specialist hehe !
It took another 2 hours before we were told mum was all clear!! What a business. Her headaches were in response to the whiplash after all.
I am pleased to say that now after a couple of days she is so much better!!
When we were at home I tried to do the tests the GP had asked her to do - and I couldn't do them either - so not quite sure what that means !!
Maybe its hereditary!!! Or perhaps my brain really isnt working properly after all!!!

So another day of drama and excitement came to an end.
Never a dull moment here thats for sure!

Well I have had my first 5 zaps so far - week 1 over ! There have not been too many side effects so far thank goodness. Just a bit of background nausea - yesterday I did have a very strange turn with increased nausea and lightheadedness. I didn't feel well for most of the day after but have felt better again today!!
Just hoping I wasn't given the wrong dose yesterday!! I now expect the unexpected !!!
Anyway just thankful I am feeling better today . It is school holidays now for 2 weeks and the weather is looking good so we may all be radiating in the glorious sunshine next week for sure .......

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  1. Well Deb's am so glad you are pressing on through these sessions and they will come to an end then you will see clear sunlight so to speak , keep trusting and speaking to The Lord and He will sustain you .
    I have often wondered about your Mother her " brain " I mean he he so glad they " found " it in tack . ha ha . seriously I am very glad you or mum were not hurt really in accident .
    God bless . Love you always to you and Mum . and all others . Dad