Friday, 2 September 2011

Music and tears ...

Can you believe it is September already !!

Well Miss C is doing well after the drama of Monday !! What a business. She is a very brave young lady.
We have to keep a dressing on for a week and hope that all is healing well beneath!
As for me I am hanging in there - have been feeling a bit flat this last week. Feeling really tired still but the side effects haven't been too bad thankfully - just getting a lot of bone pain this time. Finding I am incredibly stiff and achy first thing in the morning and towards the end of the day!!
I went to the specialist shop yesterday to have a peek at the prosthesis - pretty weird holding your breast in your hand hehe !! Am heading back next week for a proper fitting!!
Anyway this is just as it is so keep swimming.

The weather has cheered up beautifully - always good to see the sunshine!! My poor mum has had 2 weeks of rain so will be nice for her to enjoy the sun!! It is such a treat having her here - so enjoying her company and support. The days at home were a bit quiet before she came - we have been out and about a bit - but also lovely just relaxing on the farm together! Have managed to do a few bits and pieces here which has been great - getting my house in order so to speak!!!

Well our family are all watching X-factor at the moment. We all love music and singing! The other night we watched an audition that had us all in tears! My youngest Miss C had tears streaming down her face - saying that the lady reminded her of me! She cuddled me for ages after - such a tender heart and has had to face so much!I found out just the other day that a number of Miss A's friends didn't even know what has been happening - also another very strong, brave girl ! It was all very emotional. I guess for me it also was just seeing Pamela brought my reality very close. She however had a far greater struggle - an amazingly courageous woman!!
Here is a snippet .....

The oncologist had said to us that often in the beginning you are so focussed on getting through the various treatments that you don't always think about what is happening to you. I have tried not to bury my head in the sand and face things head on but I guess the magnitude of what you are going through does hit in waves!!
Next week is filled with appointments again - cardiac echo, ct scan and radiotherapy tattoos , herceptin etc . So will be very much back on the treatment train then!
Today mum and I are heading out to have lunch with a very special friend's (who lives in England) mum who is out here on holiday. So that will be lovely - it is such a beautiful day and we will be near the sea!!

So I better get a move on and powder my nose and cover my baldness etc!!
Have a great day whereever you are!!

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  1. Enjoy , thinking and praying for you always . love Dad XXXXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOO