Thursday, 15 September 2011

Radiotherapy is on it's way!!

Well it is 3 down and 25 to go!!!

Feels like a neverending journey!!
I arrived on Monday with my radiotherapy gown that I had been given and my tube of aloe vera gel.
 The first thing you do is greet the receptionist on your way through and then head to the changing rooms to don the ever so stylish blue and white striped gown!!!
You then sit in another waiting room with a few other blue and white striped gown participants!!
There is a large flat screened TV on the wall to distract you - oh yeh!!!
So before long I am called and am directed to a machine known as Stradbroke!! There are 2 ladies and a male in attendence - the lady who had called me said so Deb are you ready to start your 25 treatments.
Oh I replied I thought it was 28! This is what had been discussed with us at our initial appointment.
Well this caused a bit of a muddle as the machine had been calculated to do 25 and not 28 - as it isn't just a case of adding on 3 more a recalibration was to take place - but we were going ahead with the first one in any case.
My radio oncologist came in to check the positioning and reassure me that we were doing 28!
So gown off - some modesty was preserved over my L side and then I was pushed and pulled here and there and measured here and there and drawn on here and there.
I was told to lie very still and the technicians would leave the room as I was xrayed and zapped. A bell sounded as they came and went!!
It took quite a while to get all done and I left there about an hour or so later - the staff were very pleasant but nevertheless I wasn't really looking forward to repeating this week after week!!
So the next day was the same - this time I was led into the other machine room known as Fraser. I now had a different male and female technician /radiologist looking after me.
Once again I was moved around to line up my tattoos etc and this time my modesty fell to the wayside as my gown was taken away completely to get me aligned correctly. So there I was topless AGAIN!!!
Eventually we were ready to go - as the machines generate such high heat the rooms are airconditioned - I was in there for over 25 mins and was nicely chilled by the end of it!!
I had to wait almost 40 mins before starting yesterdays treatment as the settings had not been altered from the mixup the day before - the radiotherapist was very apologetic about the delay.

And so today we were back again. This time another male attendee that I hadn't met yet called me in and I just had 2 male technician /radiologists sorting me out again.
Thankfully today all went a bit faster as they are just making sure over the first few days that everything is in the correct position for zapping!!
I am happy with that as I certainly don't want to be radiated on the wrong spot!!!!
I did have to laugh to myself though as one of the male technician's said to me today now just take a deep breath and breath out and relax into the bed.
Well haha - picture me half naked lying on this curved contraption with my arms raised above my head and 2 strange men hovering over me with marker pens and rulers !!!
Does that sound relaxing to you ........

Anyway - all a means to an end. Somehow the radiotherapy seems a bit worse than chemo in a strange sort of a way. I guess with chemo you go once every 3 weeks and yes you fight the side effects for days after but you are at home. Here you are faced with this every day and once you are marked and placed you lie alone in this bizarre position in a white quiet room. The only noise you hear is the clicking of the radiotherapy machine.
I think that this may improve as the sessions get shorter once my positioning is set but I am not looking forward to repeating it another 25 times!!!

So there we are chapter 3 - Radiotherapy is on its way!!
Mum and I went and picked up a replacement car today to use whilst mine is being repaired - when I left it in today - I was told the damage amounted to $1000's !!
Thank goodness for insurance!

We had another bit of excitement in the day but I shall fill you in on that one later - another long story!!
Have a great day whereever you are !!!


  1. Hi Pink peonie,

    thanks for telling it like it is!
    I also found the deep xray therapy somehow worse than the chemo, I don't reeally know why...I had information that criss crossed each other from healthcare professionals and friends. I heard that other hospitals did other things and got burnt to a crisp!
    Everyone else seemed delighted and gung hooed me me along dismissing my concerns with the whole ,'but its Sooo much easier than chemo'.. thing that somehow gags you, stopping you from being able to say that for you it is a bit crap actually!

    Good luck with your treatments and keep on blogging! Xx

  2. Hi dhillie

    Thanks for your comments - I can relate for sure!!
    Not sure where you are in your road - but hope you are travelling well !!

    All the best xx

  3. My Darling daughter I truly am sorry you have to go through this , If I could find the cause of all this to you I would show no mercy , Opps sorry . Love you Dad XXXXXXXXX OOOOOOOOOOO