Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I am a marked woman !!!!

Okay so 2 days into the week and I am on that rollercoaster again for sure!!!!

Yesterday was my cardiac echo appointment! They have to keep a check on the heart when having herceptin as it can have an adverse effect on the hearts functioning! Physical functioning but not emotional so I guess thats a good thing hehe !
I always hate the hospital appointments as I guess I can bury my head in the sand a bit in between but going there always confronts me about what I'm dealing with.
My lovely mum came with me of course - we dropped the girls at school and headed straight to the hospital!
Parking is always a challenge but we found one easily and not too far away so we were off to a good start at least!
The appointments were running quite a bit behind so I sat about 40 mins waiting! I hadnt put too much thought into my outfit that day as I had to pull my top up over my head! I joked to my mum that they would get a fright when my headscarf came off along with my top.
I had noticed that it was a man coming out to call in the patients - last echo I had a lady and was really hoping that it would be her again. Having the echo done requires you to lie topless and have an ultrasonic probe pushed into your left chest in order to see the heart.
The last one was pretty uncomfortable and I didn't fancy the man pushing about on my remaining boob!!
Well when I was called it was a lady who took me in - I breathed a sigh of relief!
This was however short lived as I was taken into a room where a VERY young looking technician was to do my scan.
Oh well stripping for strange men all over again! Here we go!

He was of course very professional and my boob wasn't in the breeze for longer than it needed to be and he did most of the scanning undercover!
On a positive note - it certainly wasn't as uncomfortable as the lady who had done it previously. The scan takes about 40 mins so it felt like it took forever!
After it was done I asked him if he had seen anything exciting!! Not sure why I even asked as they never actually answer such a question!
He said he couldn't really say but didn't think I should worry!! Hmm - should I or shouldn't I !!!!
So that was that and we headed home again!
I am still really struggling with fatigue so it was off for a rest for me again!!

Last night a friend - dropped off the most delicious meal for us. I have been amazed at how faithfully food has been provided for us - at least if everything else is coming apart I know the family is eating well!

And so one down and more to go.
Today was my appointment for marking etc for the radiotherapy which will begin next week!
I am hoping to have my appointments first thing but sadly for the girls the second and third week are school holidays so we will just work around it ! Shame their school holidays haven't been much fun this year!
The first one I had my operation , the second one I had chemo and the third radiotherapy!! At least my mum is here this time and they can get out and about and do some things together - so I am very glad for that!
The staff at the radiotherapy place are really friendly and welcoming. First I was taken over to the xray side to have my ct scan etc. I was given the gown and shopping basket - memories of this at the beginning of this road came flooding back!
Topless again I was taken into the scanning room( with a gown on of course) - this time there were 2 lovely ladies sorting me out.
I had to lie on this hard and rather uncomfortable convoluted contraption to get the right positioning and yes you guessed it off with the gown!
Next out came the markers pen and I was marked. Then the oncologist came in and put on the more detailed markings!! The ladies made sure I was in the correct position - they said I was straight but I felt like a bent banana!!
Mini ballbearings were strapped to me - these would show up as position markers for the radiation and then the ct scan was started!

It wasn't long before I was done - I came out from under the oversized donut machine and the ballbearings were removed!
Then I was inked and tattoed and I was done!!
So off I went with my shopping basket to reclothe myself!!

I then had to head back to the radiotherapy department to see the nurse for my education re side effects etc!!
I had had a lovely chat with one of the radiotherapists who did the ct scan - she was the same age as me and I think it is must be quite confronting when you are scanning someone who could be you. Life doesnt always go as you expect !! Carpe Diem !!
And so in with the nurse next - mum came in with me to this bit. Once again she was a really lovely lady - chatted re burns , creams etc. We got some bits and pieces to read and some aloe vera gel and creams to use and then finished with a tour around where I would be going!!
So we were all set - I am tattooed and ready to go !! Well not quite sure if I am ready but I am going !!!

I am back on my bed - feeling tired and teary I have to say.
I am now in the sixth month of this ride - boy does it go on!!

I shall end this blog with the delightful words of Christopher Robin to dear Pooh.

'Promise me you will always remember, You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think!'


  1. Beautiful words Debs, as always. Chuckled at "Boobs in the breeze" ;) Sorry you're teary today - at least you know where to find the tissues!... :)

  2. Thats my girl , keep your spirit up things can only get better from here all downhill and then up and away . In the best possible sense off course :)) Love Dad