Friday, 23 September 2011

The Circle of life !!

Well it isn't even lunch time and I have already had an ultrasound and my daily zapping!! Woo hoo !!
I almost had another accident on the way today - as I was driving a rather large spider flew onto my face!
EEEEEkkkkkkk!! I pulled over and jumped out of the car - passersby must have been wondering what this scarfheaded women was doing jiggling around on the road side!!!
I shook myself off in the hope he would dissappear outside the car - but no he was still there!!
After a few futile attempts to get him - I had no choice but to get back in the car and drive to my radiotherapy appointment!!
I had all the windows open - thinking that bustling air around me would keep him away.
Boy was I praying he didn't make a reappearence on my drive to my appointment. Thankfully he didnt - but I still dont know where he is hiding !!!

Yesterday we had a fun morning going to see the Lion King on the big screen. We saw it with a friend and her 2 littlies who are aged 4 and under. Too sweet to share a movie experience with them.
My eldest A was asked numerous questions about the movie during the movie ie why is it raining? why are they fighting etc !!! What a giggle .It will get her into practice for the future hehe !
Watching it always brings back memories of days spent in Africa - I loved living there! - there is something distinctly special about Africa and her people!

I guess I have been a bit reflective over these last days . We had lunch over the weekend with a very close friends family who are visiting other family here. It was such a treat to catch up and chat about days gone by.
Dont get me wrong we have a great life here and we have been so blessed in our current road. We have been overwhelmed by the continued kindness over these last months - the number of meals we have received has been incredible!!
We have however moved around quite a bit over the years and have had to say goodbye to many wonderful friends.
Somedays you just wish you could pop in for a cuppa and a chat - or even better have everyone together in the same place!!
The funny thing is that as I have been thinking of friends afar - just this week I have received 2 parcels in the post from overseas friends. They must have known hehe!!

Another lovely friend from the UK sent me this message yesterday.

My peace I leave with you
not as the world gives
My peace is with you , around you, before you and behind you
I am with you.

I found this so encouraging in a week where at times I have felt unsettled.
 Our Father has our heart and our peace is in and with Him.
He will remain our constant even when things change around us - be it from our own doing or by something beyond our control.

God has not promised sun without rain
joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
But God has promised strength for the day
rest for the labor, light for the way.
grace for the trials, help from above,
unfailing sympathy, undying love.
(Annie Johnson Flint)

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  1. Well done , keep pressing on . The end will come into view . Love your Dad