Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A life filled with choices !!!

So the days are moving by and I am into my 2nd week of radiotherapy.
I have to be honest I am not enjoying the experience - I know that it is a means to an end and that every day is a step closer to the end - but I'd rather be doing something else with my days for sure!!
The sunburn't redness that is appearing on my skin could so easily be achieved by lying on a beach!!

In facing my breast cancer I have realised more than ever that life is a series of choices!
 We may not be able to control many things/circumstances but we always have a choice.
I am trying very hard to choose what is positive and focus on the good as much as possible!
I choose life.
I choose to have faith even when my body is failing me.
I choose not to be discouraged each passing day I put on my headscarf yet again.
I choose to be thankful that although I have lost my hair - my eyebrows and nails are still intact..
I choose to be thankful for friends who have stood by me even though the road is long!
I choose to trust God in my fight even when I hear of others losing theirs!

What do we choose when things don't go the way we think they should?
What do we choose when someone lets us down?
What do we choose when some friends become acquaintances ?
What do we choose when we feel alone?
What do we choose when things are going our way?

From the minute our eyes open we are faced with choices!!
Even though we want to make the right choice - in our selves we can get it wrong. I know I do !!!

There is a song that says
 You are my strength when I am weak
  A shelter in the storm
  A very present help
  When all my hope is gone
  My God is great !!!

Each day I open my eyes I am faced with my own weakness as I go through treatment for breast cancer and the side effects of that.
And yet even as I face the choices before me daily - these are made so much more managable when I choose to remember that my God is indeed great.
Infact my choices need to be a reflection of His choice - choosing me.
Even though I am weak - He is strong. He stands with open arms - welcoming me as His daughter. He chooses to love me unconditionally , He chooses never to give up on me even when I may appear to have given up on Him, He chooses to carry me when I feel I can go no further.
He chooses me - and He chooses YOU !!!

Our choices can be positive when from the start of our day we choose HIM remembering that indeed it was He who chose us first.
His love for us is all embracing - He wants us to be the best that we can be , He wants a relationship with us !
He wants us to choose Him and let every other choice flow on from that!!
For God so loved the world ...................
If all our choices where motivated out of Love - wow - what a different place our world would be!

I saw this clip recently which has particular relevance for me but in essence its about how love can see you through.
Martina McBride I'm going love you through it ..

I hope that you find it uplifting - love can make a difference !!!!

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