Saturday, 4 June 2011

Woo Hoo Osso Bucco !!!!!

Well it is the weekend again - the days are rolling by!!

I have had just returned from a surprise babyshower for a lovely friend who is expecting her second bub!
I was the decoy to take her away and keep her occuppied whilst her deck was transformed into a haven of blue and pink balloons and goodies!
We went to a cafe near the beach and had a great time catching up - I phoned her mum from the cafe toilet to check if it was time to bring her home!
It was still a little early so I suggested we go and look at the sea for a bit - it was an absolutely glorious day - what a giggle she was so enjoying the sun I had a bit of trouble getting us moving again without making it too obvious!!
In the end she was truely surprised when we walked in the door - a wonderful afternoon was had by all!
The girls where part of the set up team and it was great to see them happy and enjoying themselves! We have had quite a few tears this week as they walk this challenge too - so it was wonderful for them to be part of something so positive.

I have to say though I am now feeling shattered - was a delight to be part of the surprise for sure . To see the joy and expectation of a baby joining the family what a priviledge.
Funny one of the challenges I faced in losing my breast was thinking that the part of me that was so  involved with growing my girls was to be taken away for ever.
I had breastfed both the girls and I was always amazed to think that my body was producing the milk that was making them grow.
It felt quite emotional to lose that part that had initially held something that promoted life and yet now held the opposite!
The circle of life !

Yesterday I had another appointment at the hospital. This time I had to go for an echo for my heart - a pre chemo test to check the status of my heart and to provide a base-line to monitor to see how the drugs affect my heart!!
The gift that  keeps on giving!!
It was a lady who did the test , it felt like it took forever and was pretty uncomfortable as she pressed her probe in my chest to take measurements .
She chatted with me about radiowaves etc and then we just carried on with the test in silence.
I lay there looking at her glass cupboard that held no medical supplies but an enormous tin of coffee , a box of 2000 sachets of sugar and lots of coffee mugs!!
It seemed the cardiac team had their priorities sorted!!
About 30 minutes later I was able to get dressed again - yes this was another case of taking your clothes off - and off I went!
There is not a week that goes by where I don't have a medical appointment of somesort!
Having cancer is a fulltime job!

Well now for a tale I have meaning to share with you!
For quite a while I have been wanting to try Osso Bucco - it is an Italian meat stew .
Dont ask me what started this craving but these last few weeks it has been in the forefront of my mind - no doubt Masterchef has some part to play.
A friend had said she had made some for her family recently and I was thinking oh I would love to try that - then when my inlaws bought us the fast slow cooker we got a slow cooker recipe book for ideas!
Just this week I had been looking through it and sure enough there was a recipe for Osso Bucco - I thought to myself when I am up to cooking I will definitely try that.
I had not spoken of my cravings for Osso Bucco to anyone so you can imagine my surprise and delight when the day after getting my chemo plan that meal was given to us.
It was in see -through containers and in large black letters  on the lids were the words OSSO BUCCO. What I also found interesting was that the friend who had made this, had also made us something a few weeks ago that was in the same containers yet it hadn't been labelled then. If she hadn't written that on those lids I would not have known what it was!
It was amazing - it brought tears to my eyes actually as I really believe God was saying to me - See despite everything I am in the detail of your life - I know the desires of your heart. I am with you.
I emailed this to the friend who had made it and she said that she hadn't made it for years and was just in a butcher that she doesn't normally go to but saw the meat there and thought she had to make that for us!!
Such an encouragement in a week of renewed challenges!

So there we have it babyshowers, heart tests and Osso bucco - never a dull moment!

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  1. Thinking off you , stay strong my darling daughter. Love dad