Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hold on tight !!!!

Well Day 7 and still going!!!

It is another sunny winters day here  - very good for the soul.
It is incredibly quiet here on the farm today - B is doing his final prep for the exam tomorrow - eek - Miss C is off with Barbs on a girlie shopping day and sleepover - Grandpa is in bed with a very bad cold - and Miss A is relaxing in her room still in her pj's .
Lets trust it is not the calm before the storm!!!

I was advised that from about Day 7 - 14 to avoid being with lots of people and certainly to avoid anyone with any sort of cold etc.
Hmm well that is going to be a bit tricky since my lovely husband and his dad are both coughing and spluttering.
Not the best timing!! B seems a bit better today thankfully but poor old grandpa is not sounding good at all.
He is spending the day in his bedroom today - I have opened all the windows and even put the ceiling fans on to clear the air!
The house is chilly but I am focussed on getting that fresh air through!

I had a slight panic attack last night as the men in the household were spreading their germs. I packed my bag for the hospital in anticipation of a late night visit!
I was told that at any sign of illness or rise in temperature in myself that I should head straight to emergency , take no chances and present my very special pass go quickly card to the staff on duty.
I would then be taken aside immeadiately and have bloods etc taken to check my white blood cell count.
The usual plan of action is hospital admission and isolation on intravenous antibiotics for a number of days!!
How would I survive without my laptop - hehe - we have become quite attached recently!!!!!
What a laugh - there I was whirling around packing my bag like I was about to be hit by the bubonic plaque!!
So much for having faith no matter what!!
Well I reminded myself of what I had said just recently and once again realised that nothing is in my control.
That no matter what, I need to trust God - be wise and sensible with the necessary precautions etc of course - but no matter what, I am in his hands.
Amazing how peace was restored.

So last night I slept in with Miss A. Sleep being a very loose term - we definitely need to get her a new mattress!!
She of course thought it was great - a sleepover with mum - she was relegated to a spare mattress on the floor.
We had a nice chat and then before long she was fast asleep. She had had a very busy and funfilled day down in the Big city with a friend and her daughter. She was all shopped out!!
I lay awake off and on most of the night enjoying the view of the night sky and stars from her window.
Was very peaceful and lay with memories and thoughts of our life that had led to this point.
That is a whole other blog hehe .

So here we are - the day before B takes the final plunge. It will be such a relief to have that at least behind us!
Would have been nice to go and do something to celebrate after but all in good time.
It is going to be one humdinger of a party in December for sure ....

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  1. Doing well daughter , keep it up we are with you as much as we can be . Love you , God bless . chip of the old block ! did I say " old " O well .