Friday, 12 August 2011

Give me sleep !!!!!

Well here I am again. I have to say I am feeling so tired my brain is not firing on all cylinders!! the side effects have certainly been much less of a worry this time around but the tiredness is quite overwhelming!!
Not sure if its all to do with my treatment or the noisy visitor that crashes  on our tin roof in the wee small hours of the morning and then scurreys around in the roofspace!
Yes we have a possum who has made a second home in our roof - he hunts at night and then lands with a thud to sleep in the day!!
As nice as it is to commune with our wildlife- being woken every night and having broken sleep is not so nice!
This has been going on for quite some time now - so we decided action was needed!
I called the possum man!!
His job is to identify entry points and then seal them up!!
He also sets a trap in the roof space to catch the unsuspecting possum - a cage with trap door and apple!!
So all was sealed over 2 days and the trap was set.
We were just about to sit down to dinner when we heard an almighty crash - we peaked through our loft door to see the trap and there were 2 large eyes staring back.
Poor little thing - he must have got quite a shock!!
So b took him down and we carried the cage outside and released him into the dark night!!
The theory is that now all entry points are sealed - he shouldn't be able to get back in!!! Tonight we shall see !!

This week has passed very quickly - it is wonderful having my mum here but she is still trying to overcome her jetlag - so we have both been resting together!!
We did pop into one of our local shops earlier in the week together to return something. I have been going to this shop over the last few years so you get to know the sales ladies. The lady who served us was so lovely! She asked about my hairloss and I explained about the breast cancer etc. She said she hadn't seen me in the shop for ages and now seeing me with the headscarf said she felt quite teary knowing what had been happening to me!! She had been concerned about her regular customer!! I said I appreciated her caring and also her actually chatting and talking to me normally!
I hesitated telling B about this as not sure knowing that the sales ladies at our local shopping centre had missed seeing me was a good thing hehe .
Needless to say he thought it was somewhat worrying that the shop assistants were missing me!!
What a giggle ! In my defense it is a small community here and I have been going to the shop for a number of years !! Well thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!

So only a few days to go to dday - I am dreading and looking forward to the day !
Have numerous appointments the few days before so no doubt it will come around quickly and then I can celebrate putting the chemo on the back burner!!
Have an appointment next week to discuss the radiation treatment in more detail - so will see what the next chapter holds!

Tomorrow the girls school has the annual fundraising fair! They are very excited and there are many rides etc so I am going to attempt to go for a bit . I am not sure how long I will last but feel I need to be part of it for the girls.
It may be a short visit on my part !
Well I am almost falling asleep on this keyboard so I better finish before I delete it all by mistake!!
Have a great weekend!!

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